Huawei entered the foldable era

By | March 5, 2019

Huawei entered the foldable era

The era of flip-flop smartphones, which we talked about a few weeks ago, has now begun with all the formalities and the big players in the technology space have begun to show us their … weapons!

The beginning was made a few days ago by Samsung, which revealed on the global scale during the unpacked event of February 20, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the original price of $ 1,980, which is expected to be available from the end of April.

In Huawei’s foldable path, Huawei also launched its own proposal, Mate X, which is China’s first 5G Foldable smartphone, at the MWC Technology Exhibition in Barcelona. Huawei said he was working for 3 years on this model, which will be available in the market in 2019, with a price higher than that of the Galaxy Fold as it will amount to 2,299 euros. The Mate X will have 512GB of storage space and 8GB of RAM when it is closed, its size will be 6.6 “and 6.4” respectively, and when unfolding, it will be 8 “.The screen is OLED and has a larger surface than the corresponding model of Samsung.

Of course, the two above suggestions once again bring back the common question that has arisen in every such case lately: will Apple follow? And if so, when? Goldman Sachs described Galaxy Fold as “the main potential challenge” for Apple and suggested that even if they want to build a foldable iPhone in the Couperin, they may have difficulty completing it. That’s because Samsung is about two years ahead of screen technology and may refuse to work with Apple on this track.

However, none of the above can prevent Apple and iPhone fans from imagining the shape that a folding iPhone could have, and the same company has provided enough “hardware” with the variety of patents that the previous space to present various proposals for “folding screens and devices”.

In this context, Foldable News asked Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing to use the iPhone X to design a possible iPhone folding concept. And the result was quite beautiful, aesthetically, given that there are no technological limitations of the real world (for a concept we talk and nothing more).
The design presented by Gilsing is based on the same concept as the Samsung Fold: the priority is given to the main screen, which is developed internally. The concept features a clamshell smartphone, which can remind … a small notebook, with a keyboard display on one screen when you need it to write something.

Beyond that, the external screen is based on the design of the iPhone X and XS, with the notch at the top, for the selfie camera and the flash, while the internal display has a camera in the upper left corner, as is the case in the Samsung model.

To see what and how many of what we are presenting in this concept will find application in the Apple device, although the key question remains: will the Coupertin finally enter with claims in the foldable era?

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