How nitrogen was discovered? How to isolate from air.

By | March 17, 2019

How to nitrogen was discovered?

In this topic have clarified how nitrogen was discovered. Nitrogen was discovered in 1973 by Daniel Rutherford from here and allowing the animal to breathe in it. He found that it does not support reseparation and also combustion. therefore he called it ‘ mephitic air, poisonous air. Lavoisier called it AZOTE due to its inability to support life. The name nitrogen was suggested in 1790 its constitution of nitric.

Isolation of nitrogen from the air:

nitrogen can be separated from here by the following two men step.
1. The liquid of air is the best way to the isolation of nitrogen. First of all, air is pumped into a plant by a jet and dust is removed by the method of filtration. Before cooling the air CO2 and water are removed. Air is then forced into a small chamber at 200 psi pressure. Due to this pressure, air is compressed and become hot .the hot compressed air is passed through a jet into a lot chamber where it expand and become cool. This is called joule Thomson effect sucessisuc compression and expansion the air get to liquified.
2. The second best method of how to liquification of air. The liquid air is the pump to friction column where it is warm slowly. nitrogen boys first due to the low boiling point of about 196 degree centigrade and having behind oxygen with the boiling point of 183 degree centigrade.

The occurrence of nitrogen:

it is present in the free state in the air to about 78% by volume.
Nitrogen is the 10 most abundant element in the earth crust. The important ore of nitrogen is in NANO3.
Nitrogen is the present age is an inshal element in all protein in the body of living things.

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