Computing 13 Tricks You Should Know

By | March 5, 2019

Computing 13 Tricks You Should Know

The world of technology and computers is full of tricks and shortcuts that can take you where you want, in a matter of seconds. Knowing these tricks will help you save time and effort in your computer activities, and allow you to enjoy a free experience of complications on the web. Would you like to know some? Do not miss them!

#1. Download videos on YouTube
YouTube is considered the most popular page in the world to play and share videos. Millions of users use it daily to learn different things through their tutorials, share experiences, know places, or watch full documentaries in excellent quality. If in one of your searches you have found a video that has captivated you and you can not stop watching it, this trick will teach you a simple trick to play it as many times as you want, without stopping.
• To download YouTube videos, go to this page, paste the link (link) of the video you want and download it in the search bar. Now, press the “Enter” key to load the link, and then click the “download” button to start the download.
If you found a song that you want to hear again and again, identify the link and replace the word “YouTube” with “listenonrepeat”. In this way, you will open the video in a new page that will play it as many times as you want automatically. For example, if the original link is, after replacing it, it will be Search for shortcuts on YouTube
People on YouTube added some shortcuts with the keyboard to simplify the lives of users. The most useful are the following:
#2. Search for shortcuts on YouTube
People on YouTube added some shortcuts with the keyboard to simplify the lives of users. The most useful are the following:
• To play or stop a video you can press the space key or letter K.
• You can go back or forward 10 second intervals of the video by pressing the J and L keys respectively.
• Pressing the F key you can play the video in full screen.
#3. Find your Smartphone
This trick is ideal for those people who have lost their mobile phone or who have suffered a theft. Thanks to modern technology, tracking a Smartphone requires only a few simple steps to be taken from any computer.
• Android users: go to the page and enter the words “find my phone” in the search bar. This will take you to the Android device manager, which will require you to sign in to your Google account, and select the device you are looking for. If the phone is switched on and has good reception, its location will be displayed on a map. At this time you can also block the device, make it sound for 5 minutes in a row, or delete all stored information.
• iPhone users: iPhone users have an option similar to Android, called “find my iPhone”. This service works through iCloud, and can be activated on the Apple website. There, users have similar functions to Android when it comes to protecting their privacy.

#4. You can delete a text message immediately
Although many people have the ability to write quickly, few know how to erase as quickly. For those cases, this trick will help you eliminate whole words instead of letters. All you have to do is keep the “Ctrl” key pressed, at the same time you press the backspace key.
#5. Quick access to the browser search bar
If you need to enter the address of a page in the search engine but you can not find the mouse cursor, you only have to press the “F6” key, which is located in the first row of the keyboard. This will allow you to delete the current address, and enter a new one.
#6. The “secret” key
The “Windows” key can be used to fulfill several functions and save time with shortcuts. Click here to see all the uses of this key.
#7. Reopen a closed window
Most modern internet browsers allow us to open and use different windows simultaneously. However, many times, this can generate confusion and make us close one of the windows by mistake. In these cases, the solution is very simple: keep the Ctrl + shift + T keys pressed, and the last window you closed will automatically reopen. If you repeat this command you can even open windows that were the last to close.
#8. Fix a tab
If you are using several windows at the same time and are afraid to close some by mistake, you can use the Chrome menu to “fix the tab”, so that it takes up less space and saves the page address.
• To fix a tab, click on the tab with the right button, and select the option “Fix tab”.
• To deactivate this function, click again with the right mouse button, and select the option “Cancel tab fixation”.
#9. Control the security of a website
If you do not trust a page or think it may be a malicious site, Google gives you the option to control its security levels. To do this, copy this link and paste it instead of the address of the page you want to analyze.
#10. Do not you know how to pronounce a word?
The Google translation service is an excellent tool to get out of trouble when we need the meaning of a word in another language. In addition, to translate words into different languages, this tool also has the ability to read a sentence to show you what the correct pronunciation is.
#11. Explore the space
Most people know the service “Google Earth”, a program that allows you to see anywhere in the world, through the use of a digital photograph. However, now we also have “Google Sky”, a service that allows you to explore the unknown universe. Click here to visit the site.
#12. Go to a website quickly
Did you know that to enter a web page it is not necessary to write the complete address? To enter a website, in modern browsers, it is sufficient to enter the name of the page, followed by the word “.com” (for example: instead of Another trick is to enter just the name of the page (for example, Google) and press the “Ctrl” and “Enter” keys to add the “www.” And the “.com” automatically.
#13. Use Google as a timer
If you need to control the cooking of a cake or arrive home on time to watch a movie, you can use the Google timer to set an alarm. If you enter the word “timer” in the search engine, you will automatically see a window where you must enter the time you need.

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