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FUNDAMENTAL OF PHYSICS Sixty-five billion neutrinos surpass through every square centimeter of your substance every second, but since they are invisible and depart right through the Earth with scarcely any collision, they are very hard to find out and contemplation. A solutions keyboard and a muse direct are also available.[5]. In 2002, the American Physical… Read More »

Computing 13 Tricks You Should Know

Computing 13 Tricks You Should Know The world of technology and computers is full of tricks and shortcuts that can take you where you want, in a matter of seconds. Knowing these tricks will help you save time and effort in your computer activities, and allow you to enjoy a free experience of complications on… Read More »

21 useful Mac Tips & Tricks Part 1

21 useful Mac Tips & Tricks Part 1 We gathered here all the tricks we could find on Mac and OS X so you can do your job more easily and quickly, but also have fun with some of them. 1. Slow Motion EffectDo you want to impress your friends? Window effects on Mac OS… Read More »

Useful Mac Tips & Tricks part 2

Useful Mac Tips & Tricks  22. Markup The Markup function in Preview can be enabled when you open an attachment in an e-mail by choosing the icon you see in the image. An important feature and a lot of fun at the same time, especially if you want to forward a message, giving some instructions… Read More »