17 tips and tricks for YouTube

By | March 1, 2019

17 tips and tricks for YouTube

YouTube has recently announced a new design that includes new features for PC and mobile release. For example, a new Blackhole (DarkTheme) and video preview site has been introduced, as well as a mobile web site featuring the features: Doubletaptoseek, VariableSpeed ​​and many more. On this occasion, it would be a great opportunity to learn a few tips and tricks about YouTube that are great but unknown.

Find below a list of tips and tricks on YouTube, new and old.

1) Related videos for Youtube mobile app: Recently added a feature that lets you see a series of related videos by tapping somewhere on the screen while watching another full-screen video on your mobile.

2) The Doubletaptoseek mobile feature has been recently introduced. When you tap twice to the right or left of a video on your phone, you turn on fastforward or rewind respectively for 10 seconds of the video.

 3) Mobile Variablespeed: Users are tempted to increase or decrease the speed of video playback for computers, and now this feature is also available on mobile to enjoy videos at whatever speed you prefer.

4) Black Background (DarkTheme) for PC: The new computer website has acquired a new feature called DarkTheme. Created to reduce brightness and allow you to focus on the real colors of the videos you are watching. DarkTheme turns the YouTube background to black for the entire platform experience.

5) Video preview on computer website: When you hover your mouse over a thumbnail on the desktop, a preview of the video will appear, giving you a better sense of what each video is doing and making it easier to find next great video to watch.

 6) Save videos to the “Watch Later” library: you do not have to worry about watching videos on YouTube during business hours. Add a video to watch later by tapping the watch icon in the thumbnail of the video or via the “Add to” icon below the video on the watch page.

7) Share a video at a specific time stamp : Did you watch something you want to share with your friends? You can share the link from a specific part of the YouTube video. You can pause the video, right-click and select ‘Copy video link at the current time’.

8) Watch a 360 degree video: Did you ever want to go somewhere you could not? Now you can experience the experience of 360-degree videos on YouTube. Just move your mobile phone to the area as you swim with the sharks , see a live dinosaur close to the London Natural History Museum or watch Tritonal in concert wherever you are.

9) Watch a virtual reality video with a headset: Are you ready for a more exciting viewing experience? On your mobile phone’s device, click the Cardboard icon on a 360-degree video and place your phone on the viewer to enter the virtual reality mode. Try it on Google Cardboard or DaydreamView!

10) Keyboard Shortcuts on Your Computer! While watching Youtube videos:

● Your numbered buttons navigate the progress of the video! B.C. Pressing “2” will take you to the video with 20%, “6” will take you to the video at 60%, “0” will restart the video (0%)
● K will pause or play video
● J will turn back 10 seconds
● L will go fast 10 seconds ahead
● M will mute or deactivate it

11)Keywords to help you find exactly what you are looking for:

● Add quotes to search for a specific term. The plus or minus symbols to include or skip results.
● Add the “allintitle” phrase to the search box before the keywords to make sure the results will include all the keywords you searched for in the title.
● Add the word HD to your search for high-definition results. you can also add the 3D word for 3D content.
● Add the channel or playlist words to the search query.

12) Change the size and resolution of videos: YouTube is offered in various formats of quality and size. You can choose to watch the video at 144p up to 8K by selecting from the video quality menu.

 13) Use voice commandsto stream videos from YouTube to TV with Google Home. Try saying “Play yoga videos on TV”.

14) Check YouTube on TV from your mobile phone : You can use your phone , tablet, computer or GoogleHome to check your YouTube experience on the TV. Make sure your mobile phone, tablet, or computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV set. Try saying on Google Home: “Ok Google, play yoga videos on TV.”

15) Watch videos with subtitles, including automatic translation: there are 1 billion videos with automatic captions on YouTube. So if you do not want to bother others around you, this may be right for you. Just click on the settings button and choose to enable subtitles in your own language or automatic translation when it’s available!

16) Buy or rent movies on YouTube. Choose from new releases, award-winning movies and even films still playing in the cinemas here .

17) YouTube Music, You Tube Games, and YouTube Kids: If you’re a music lover, you can enjoy an experience created specifically for the content you love with YouTube Music . For players, YouTube started itYouTubeGaming . And for families looking for the best way to watch on YouTube, there’s YouTubeKids .

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